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    Business Employee Resource Groups

    Global B/ERGs Continue to Grow, Make Positive Impact

    Around the world, Kellogg’s Business/Employee Resource Groups (B/ERGs) worked throughout the year to further their mission and expand their impact through innovative and inclusive events.

    In Mexico, KPride & Allies (KPA) continued to focus on increasing the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community and celebrating progress made toward equity and respect. In 2019, the KPA team’s efforts culminated in Pride Month, when they more than doubled Kellogg’s presence at Pride Day parades across Mexico. KPA increased visibility of the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month in other ways, including turning offices into “living rainbows” with rainbow-themed flags, crosswalks, posters and other visual effects. The theme of inclusivity and visibility also stretched into the marketplace through the launch of All Together cereal, a special-release product to celebrate Pride Month.

    In South Africa, Women of Kellogg (WOK) organized a women’s empowerment conference called “My Sister’s Keeper.” The event was held in August, which is women’s month, and featured engaging and interactive discussions around the power of sisterhood at Kellogg. Members of the Executive Leadership Team were present to talk about the company’s commitment to women’s empowerment. Another highlight of women’s month for WOK South Africa was the launch of the Parental Toolkit, a series of policies geared toward helping women and new parents achieve better work-life balance.

    WOK groups made major strides in other parts of the world, too. In the Latin America region, WOK continued its work with Networking TogetHER, which Kellogg launched last year as Mexico’s first national forum for companies focused on supporting gender equity. The group has drawn in nearly 60 companies, which meet every two months to share best practices and learnings. In 2019, topics covered at Networking TogetHer included talent acquisition, executive development strategies and flexible work programs.

    “When attending the Networking TogetHER breakfasts to share best practices, it is with lots of pride that I see how Kellogg is amongst the companies with the most solid practices to develop and empower women,” said Roxana M., LPM Group Sr. Manager and Member of WOK Latin America.

    In the Asian Pacific region, WOK groups marked International Women's Day in their own unique ways. WOK Thailand shared a video of a motivational speech from the Senior Supply Chain Director with all employees, while the Australia/New Zealand group hosted a talk with Olympic athlete and head of the women's division of the Australian Football League, Nichole Livingstone. WOK India, meanwhile, launched its on-site nursery facility for working moms at the Sricity plant, and offered several workshops to benefit female employees, including safety and security training and a seminar with a gynecologist on health and wellness. Korea's group emphasized the "Balance for Better" theme through a balance and meditation class with local trainers.

    Also in Latin America, the CARICAM branch Kellogg’s youth-focused B/ERG, Young Professionals (YP), made strides on addressing unconscious bias in generational stereotypes. YP arranged a K-Talk with Victor M., General Manager Andean, to speak about strategies for professional development in every career stage.

    “It is always about the people!” said Victor M., a message he emphasized in his K-Talk.


    KNA B/ERGs Work to Evolve Company Culture in 2019

    Across the United States, Kellogg’s Business/Employee Resource Groups (B/ERGs) continued to grow their membership base and influence throughout 2019.

    This year, HOLA, our LatinX B/ERG, hosted its first Development Day, which included speaker sessions on inclusivity in the workplace and the influence of Latino culture on corporate America. In addition to providing professional development, the event also focused on the importance of not only having a seat at the table, but also sharing your voice in order to impact business results.

    "Development Day was a direct call to become an active agent to embed my diverse perspective to strengthen our business process and plans,” said Lourdes I., one of the attendees.

    Kellogg Multinational Employee Resource Group (KMERG) hosted a Lunch and Learn session on the impacts of stereotypes and how to deal with them in the workplace. The session featured Robyn Afrik, a leading speaker on diversity and inclusion issues. Afrik guided participants on an impactful discussion on stereotypes, and attendees were able to speak openly about difficult issues without fear of criticism or personal risk. KMERG organizers noted that events like this help support building courage, one of Kellogg’s Growth Competencies, in the workplace.

    In 2019, KPride & Allies (KPA) had the honor of participating in the Stonewall 50 – WorldPride, a series of celebrations in New York City marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, as well as the first time WorldPride, the globe’s largest Pride event, was held in the United States. The 2019 Pride weekend in New York was the biggest LGBTQ+ event in history, with an estimated five million people attending in Manhattan alone. KPA was an active presence at this year’s celebration, one that made a deep impact on many participants.

    “The honor of representing Kellogg at WorldPride in NYC as an Out Ally is one I do not take lightly. Each one of us has the opportunity to make an impact whether a smile, hug or a kind word – it can make a difference,” said Carrie D., K Pride & Allies National Co-Chair.

    KVets & Supporters continued its mission to support the integration of veterans into the Kellogg family, including through the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program. The program offers professional development and hands-on experience to current military members getting ready to transition to the civilian workforce. Active duty military who have less than six months remaining in service time are given the opportunity to spend 12 weeks putting their skills and leadership abilities to use at Kellogg, often opening up opportunities for long-term employment.

    Women of Kellogg (WOK) spent 2019 pushing the conversation on gender equity and diversity forward, including fruitful partnerships with other B/ERGs. WOK teamed up with internal and external partners to host two speaker sessions this year, one focused on gender equity and the other on the experiences of women of color in the workplace. On International Women’s Day in February, several panelists were invited to speak on the importance of gender equity, attracting over 700 attendees. In August, WOK joined forces with HOLA and Kellogg African American Resource Group (KAARG), along with the Network of Executive Women, to host a speaker session entitled, “Advancing All Women: How Women of Color Experience the Workplace.”

    “We need to shift our focus from labeling to fixing the systems, behaviors and biases that feed that narrative,” said Carolyn Tastad, a Kellogg Board Member and panelist at the February event.

    Another highlight for KAARG this year was their annual two-day summit, which attracted over 90 attendees and celebrated the spirit of inclusivity, transparency and community. The 2019 summit was centered around the theme of “Belong: Charting Your Own Path & Building A Sense of Community,” and featured internal and external speakers and experts on leadership development and training. Members of the Kellogg Ex-Comm and the KNA Leadership Team were also in attendance, allowing KAARG members valuable networking and learning opportunities. Attendees were grateful for the opportunity to strengthen connections across Kellogg's African-American community and feel that they are valued members of the company.

    “Thank you so much for bringing us together. It's not everyday you huddle professionally with people who experience and move through this life in the very same manner that you do, so thank you. Thank you too for encouraging transparency through it all,” said one attendee.

    In September, KAPABLE, our B/ERG for people with disabilities and their supporters, hosted an information session on the launch of the Rice Krispies Treat’s special Back to School campaign focused on autism. This year Rice Krispies Treat partnered with non-profit Autism Speaks to create sensory Love Notes on its products. The Love Notes feature packaging with different textures – including silk, fleece, faux fur and satin – for children with autism who may respond positively to tactile experiences.

    Kellogg’s Young Professionals (YP) group focused its efforts on driving talent retention and engagement through the Summer Intern & Temporary Student Support (TSS) program, a joint initiative with the University Relations team. The program not only assists with the recruitment and onboarding of this student population, but it also brings this subset into multiple YP developmental events throughout their time at the company, helping to build a stronger talent pipeline for the future.