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    All Together Message of Inclusivity Spreads to Latin America

    According to research1, LGBTQ+ youth are two to three times more likely to be bullied than their heterosexual peers. Every year, Spirit Day tries to raise awareness of this issue and increase acceptance of all, regardless of sexual orientation. Started in 2010 by a high school student in response to LGBTQ+ suicides, Spirit Day gathers celebrities, advocates and the media in an annual stand against LGBTQ+ bullying.

    In 2018, Kellogg North America launched a special edition All Together cereal to highlight Spirit Day, raise money for GLAAD and send a message of unity and inclusivity. This year, the All Together campaign was expanded for the first time to the Latin America region. The multi-faceted campaign launched in Mexico during Pride Month, and featured a limited release of the All Together cereal, along with a breakfast event, trivia, and social media posts from LGBTQ influencers.

    For every “like” generated on Kellogg’s All Together posts on Instagram, the company donated one peso to It Gets Better Mexico, an international advocacy group focused on supporting and uplifting young LGBTQ+ people.

    For Lucia O., Brand Manager, the All Together campaign exemplified Kellogg’s embrace of Diversity & Inclusion both within the company and for its consumers.

    “As a company, Kellogg is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where people feel safe to be who they are and are able to bring their best self to work,” said Lucia. “The best way of being aligned with our market is to understand that each of our consumers have differences that make them unique, so we have to be able to offer them the opportunity of being welcome at our table. All Together is the perfect way of make our consumers know that we are proud of who they are and that we respect, love and value their differences.”

    The All Together digital campaign reached over nine million online users and added over three thousand new social media followers in two weeks. The campaign also generated ninety media clippings, worth an estimated $300,000.

    “We want to be part of the solution when it comes to D&I issues and it is because of this that All Together is a call to everyone to be more inclusive and respectful,” said Lucia.

    Source: 1 https://www.thedailybeast.com/new-study-rates-of-anti-lgbtq-school-bullying-at-unprecedented-high

    Uniting to Be Kind in Honor of National Friendship Day

    Did you know, approximately 20 percent of students ages 12-18 experience bullying?1

    Bullying is an all too common issue and everyone has the right to be embraced as their true, authentic self. Kellogg’s Froot Loops? – committed to celebrating uniqueness through its ‘Whatever Froots Your Loops’ campaign – proudly partnered with United Way for the second consecutive year to host United to Be Kind.

    United to Be Kind engages summer camp attendees in activities and conversations that embrace uniqueness, individuality and friendship. The program brings a little fun to a serious topic. And, in honor of National Friendship Day in August, Michigan’s United Way of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region and Washington’s United Way of King County hosted United to Be Kind to celebrate the power of friendship and kindness. New for 2019, Froot Loops also partnered with United Way of Southeastern Michigan, expanding United to Be Kind with an end-of-summer celebration in Detroit, focused on spreading kindness and celebrating individuality.

    “Young people who are perceived as different from their peers are often at risk for being bullied,” said Nicole G., Kidventure Camp director of the Battle Creek, Mich. United to Be Kind location. “In order to prevent bullying, adults need to help kids understand what bullying is, keep the lines of communication open, encourage kids to do what they love, and model how to treat others. By reaching children, United to Be Kind aims to address this very important issue.”

    “The messaging and activities were a fun way to talk about a serious topic,” Nicole said. “I especially enjoyed seeing the difference in how they treated one another that week and during the weeks that followed. Seeing a large company like Kellogg take on such an important issue like bullying, emphasizes the importance of taking it seriously.”

    At Kellogg, we are firmly committed to equity and inclusion in our workplace, marketplace and in the communities where we work and live.

    Source: 1 https://nces.ed.gov/programs/crimeindicators/ind_10.asp

    Spanish Plant Expands Disabled Hiring Initiative

    For over ten years, managers at the Valls, Spain plant have been partnering with Fundación Ginac, a local nonprofit, to provide employment for local people with physical and mental disabilities.

    For Indalecio R., Human Resources Business Partner at Valls, the program made perfect sense because it can be difficult to recruit in the small Spanish town. “We thought, why don’t we give these opportunities to people in the town who everyone knows?”

    In 2019, there were more than 30 people from Valls hired through this Diversity and Inclusion program. The program participants complete a range of tasks, including placing promotional inserts in packaging, product recovery and gardening. Some of the program participants have mental disabilities, while others have hearing or mobility impairments.

    “Everyone has different capabilities,” said Indalecio. “For me the biggest thing is everyone is human.”

    The program has had a major impact on all plant employees, says Indalecio. “Our employees have really been able to open their eyes, and see with a new perspective,” he said. “When you work with people with disabilities every day, you become aware of how things that are easy for most people can be a real challenge for some. They are like our role models now.”

    Moving forward, Indalecio says the plant plans to continually expand the hiring program. In April, the team attended a job fair to recruit people with disabilities, and the plant regularly passes on job vacancies to organizations working with people with disabilities.

    As for other divisions or organizations looking to start similar programs, Indalecio has some words of advice. First, find an organization that can support your hiring needs and goals. Equally important, he says, is having buy-in from company leaders and management. But the most crucial part, says Indalecio, may be a embracing a change mindset.

    “At the beginning it was difficult because most people in the plant didn’t know how to interact with this specific population,” he said. “But you should and you must treat them just like you would anyone else.”

    He adds that the hardest part of a program like this is just getting started. “It’s really an easy task and it’s really inspiring,” he said. “Just give the individuals a task to start with, maybe something small, and once you have started, everything else flows.”

    Making Better Days More Accessible

    Hunger relief has long been a cornerstone of Kellogg’s corporate responsibility efforts. Now, with the third iteration of its Better Days commitment, the company is looking at food security even more holistically, and developed a set of ambitious goals to help end hunger and create “Better Days” for three billion people by 2030.

    Key to reaching these targets is robust employee engagement, explained Stephanie S., Director, Philanthropy/Social Impact. She is hoping to create new engagement opportunities through the Better Days Hub, a set of online tools, created in partnership with United Way and hosted on Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud software that launched in April. The tool is currently being piloted by U.S. employees.

    “The new Better Days commitments take our work to another level, and we knew we needed to get more creative in how we engage employees to get to our new goals,” said Stephanie.

    Through the Better Days Hub, employees can learn about volunteer opportunities, and learn more about food security issues – from farm to table. The software also allows the team to more easily track employee volunteer hours and locations, which can lead to useful insights on where and how they can create more impact.

    For Stephanie, D&I efforts across the company are continuing to push the Better Days Hub forward, to make it as useful and engaging as possible for employees. As early adopters, Kellogg’s Business Employee Resource Groups were helpful in the launch of the site and the groups are now better able to track volunteer activities among members.

    “All of our D&I efforts are part of our broader Heart & Soul commitment of our Deploy for Growth business strategy,” she said. “This is the employee execution piece that shows how they are giving back to community.”

    Stephanie says the hub can also help better connect employees that are taking advantage of flexible work arrangements at Kellogg. For example, people working remotely might not be able to bring in a box of cereal to an in-office food drive, but they could donate a dollar on the hub and know that it will make an impact on hunger relief.

    “People can participate in real time, see results in real time and hopefully feel more connected through the Better Days Hub and to the issue of hunger,” she said.